This Chime Has a Door (2018), Page Dance (2018)

This Chime Has a Door (2018), Page Dance (2018)

March 17, 2018 3:00 PM5:00 PM

Join 221A for Page Dance (2018), a performance by Jean Brazeau, followed by a reception for his new commission, This Chime Has a Door (2018)

This Chime Has a Door (2018) is a single-channel resin sculpture and programmable door chime commissioned for the front entrance of Pollyanna 圖書館 Library, as part of Yu Su’s N.O.P.E. fellowship with 221A. Jean Brazeau’s design sought to foreground the otherwise unseen or disavowed materiality of sound-based practices. This Chime Has a Door will function as a permanent support for sound works at Pollyanna 圖書館 Library.

To inaugurate the commission, Brazeau composed Page Dance (2018), a context-specific sound performance for Pollyanna 圖書館 Library. The performance collages digital audio books taken from the library’s permanent collection.

As part of her project 波丽安娜声音档案库 〇一 (Pollyanna Sound Archive 01), Yu Su collected sonic field recordings through two collaborative workshops in Stanley Park and Aberdeen Centre. Yu Su mixed this material to produce a suite of sound works that will be played as a cycle of greeting chimes on This Chime Has a Door. The chime will play an additional seventy five five-second sound works by Julian Hou, Michelle Mackenzie, and Jonathan Scherk commissioned for the library’s permanent collection.

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