In her work as an artist, Divya Mehra speaks to the challenging, and often isolating experience of growing up in the Canadian Prairies. Over the last two years, Mehra has begun compiling a series of non-linear short stories and poetics that trace these experiences with a specific focus on race, violence, death, and the service industry. Mehra’s performative lecture borrows from traditions of comedy, the monologue, and the artist talk, coupled with documentation from her social media streams and text messages.

RSVP to attend Divya Mehra’s performance DIFFICULT PEOPLE, co-presented with Canadian Art.

For the Spring 2018 issue of Canadian Art, themed “Dirty Words”, Divya Mehra produced a specially-commissioned cover and artist project. Following her performance, please join Canadian Art for the issue launch from 7-9 pm at Franc Gallery, 1654 Franklin Street.

Throughout the spring season, 221A hosts sum of the parts, a curatorial research project by Jenn Jackson which brings together a selection of films, performances and installations by artists Deanna Bowen, Felix Kalmenson, Divya Mehra, Krista Belle Stewart, and Casey Wei, artists who activate personal histories which are drawn from familial and public record.

sum of the parts is supported by the Killy Foundation and the Audain Endowment through the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory and the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, at The University of British Columbia.

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