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A wide shot of the x̱aw̓s shew̓áy̓ New Growth《新生林》garden seen from the street, with its gates open and a light covering of snow spread over its grounds.
221A’s Semi-Public 半公開 outdoor public art site in early 2021. Photo by Nicole Kelly Westman.

221A is a Canadian registered charitable organization (82658 5168 RR0001) and operates with a mix of support from the government, self-generated revenues, foundation support, and through the assistance of individual donors.

Founded as a student organization in 2005, the Society has long relied on the continued support of individuals donors who care for 221A even during periods of low-levels of government funding.

221A brings Artists, Designers and Cultural Workers together with leading experts across a variety of industries and fields in the research and development of future infrastructure for our society. 221A stands for the fair payment of all people and is a certified living wage employer.

By becoming a donor you will provide critical support to our programs, services and administrative costs.

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221A’s first location in 2012 at 221 E Georgia Street

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221A is a non-profit incorporated society with a membership-based governance model. Unlike most businesses, non-profits have no “owner”. Non-profits have governing documents called bylaws that codify the way organizations are controlled. At 221A, like many community-based non-profits, members make up the core network of people who take an interest in the affairs of the society and provide financial support when possible.

Members are invited on a minimum annual basis to a meeting called the Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’). At this meeting the members are able to learn about the health, charitable activities and intended impacts of 221A, while also participating in voting activities, such as the election of the Board of Directors of 221A.

Please read 221A’s Members Policy to determine if you are eligible. For more information on memberships please see 221A’s Bylaws, or send us an email at