Vincent Tao

Vincent Tao is a labour union organizer, housing activist, and educator of social movement history and practice.

Previously, Tao was the Education Librarian of 221A from 2016-2019, where he stewarded the transformation of the institution's exhibition space as Pollyanna 圖書館 Library, a hybrid archive and public programming infrastructure. During his tenure, Tao developed 221A’s transdisciplinary research projects, free-to-attend educational programs, and community solidarity initiatives.

Tao’s significant collaborative projects at 221A were organized through his research program Notes on Permanent Education (N.O.P.E.)Rereading Room: The Vancouver Women’s Bookstore (2016) with Alexandra Bischoff; Pollyanna Sound Archive Prototype 01 (2017) with Yu Su; The Woodwards Amateur-Historical Society / W.W.A.S. (2017) and BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS: FORUM ON ART AND DEVELOPER MONEY (2018) with Josh Gabert-Doyon, Brit Bachmann, Gabi Dao, and Byron Peters; Science Fiction and the Other (2018) with Juli Majer; and Comix for Community Solidarity (2018) with William Dereume, Ali Bosley, Jack Lloyd, and Andrea Lukic.

Last updated: May 9, 2024