MOOGIE Mag 2 Book Launch

MOOGIE Mag 2 Book Launch


Join Juli Majer at Pollyanna 圖書館 Library for the launch of MOOGIE Mag 2. This issue will be published in collaboration with DDOOGG as part of Science Fiction and the Other.

MOOGIE is a Vancouver-based zine and mixtape that publishes the work of underground writers, sound artists, and illustrators working within the realm of science fiction. MOOGIE is organized by Claire Newton. To submit to the upcoming second issue, email

As part of her Spring 2018 N.O.P.E. fellowship with 221A, Juli Majer will host Science Fiction and the Other, a semester of readings and screenings that consider articulations of alterity — other beings, other worlds, other forms-of-life — as a speculative method for imagining an otherwise present.

Notes on Permanent Education (N.O.P.E.) is a collective research program convened by 221A Librarian Vincent Tao.

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