Privacy policy

Personal Information

When you engage with our website personal information may be collected. By submitting through our forms, your name, email address, phone number, mailing address, and all other form responses, will be transmitted directly to our Administration team. This information will also be securely stored within the private database of our website. It’s important to note that your form responses will not be shared with or collected by any third-party entities.

Local Storage

Our website utilizes your web browser’s local storage functionality to retain your preferences for forms and other customized preferences on our site including artist housing, programming and fellowship announcements. This locally stored data is confined to your computer and does not leave your device.


To enhance the user experience and gather insights into website usage, we use Google Analytics. This information will only be collected if you click “Accept” on the notification bar located at the bottom of our site. Google Analytics relies on cookies to provide us with data on website statistics, which may encompass details such as your device type, web browser, geographical location, session duration, and the number of pages visited on our site.

Learn more about Google’s privacy policies here

If you prefer to prevent Google Analytics from collecting your site activity data, you can follow the instructions to opt-out here.


221A is committed to safeguarding your privacy and providing transparency regarding the collection and usage of your personal information. If you have any questions or concerns about your data’s privacy and security, please feel free to contact us at