Jenn Jackson
sum of the parts

March – July 2018

Throughout the spring season of 2018, 221A hosts sum of the parts, a curatorial research project by Jackson which brings together a selection of films, performances and installations by Deanna Bowen, Felix Kalmenson, Divya Mehra, Krista Belle Stewart and Casey Wei, who present compelling excavations of the past, by drawing from familial, historic, and archival sources—visualizing narratives of race and class, and their recognition within official records.

Amy Nugent
The Sculpture Fund

March – July, 2018

Amy Nugent is a Vancouver-based cultural worker and resource developer. As the former president of Artspeak’s board, she has been recognized with a 2016 Mayor’s Arts Award from the City of Vancouver. Her own research over the past five years has focused on the history and restitution of sculptors Frances Loring (1887–1968) and Florence Wyle (1881–1968), the current state of Canadian art collections and the limited acquisition funds to support them.

Juli Majer

January 2018 –

Juli Majer is a visual artist from Vancouver. Titled Science Fiction and the Other, Majer’s fellowship project will convene a series of public readings, studies, and screenings at Pollyanna 圖書館 Library.


William Dereume

January 2018 –

William Dereume is a cartoonist from Vancouver. Through his fellowship with 221A, Dereume will develop a community outreach program at Pollyanna 圖書館 Library. The program will build relationships between Vancouver-based artists and communities of struggle to create a series of comic publications.




is a 3,000 square-foot public art site located at 271 Union Street in Chinatown, Vancouver. Semi-Public’s programming is informed by the contested spatial politics of its location and commissions installations and processes by contemporary artists.

Pollyanna 圖書館 Library


is a research infrastructure with a public reading room, gathering space, and a collection driven by 221A’s fellows. Pollyanna 圖書館 Library also programs communal educational initiatives and provides space for community groups that animate the library.



is a property leased from the Yee Fung Toy Society of Canada, a Chinese benevolent association established in 1904. 221A provides 8,000 square feet of space for a non-profit art organization and small artist studios, while the benevolent association operates a ground-level seniors meeting space and low-cost apartments in the upper building.



is a 21,515 square foot industrial leased property that provides space for over 30 cultural organizations, small businesses and an intergenerational mix of artists. The building was previously leased in part by Bombast Furniture, where it produced furniture for two decades.



is a 9,000 sq.ft. commercial property located at 236 E Pender St that provides space to 23 artists with 1 unit dedicated for non-profit social or cultural presentation and/or retail. From 2013-2018, the facility was managed by non-profit artist-run organization UNIT/PITT Projects. As of 2018, 221A began leasing the facility under 6-year renewable terms from a private owner, who previously self-operated the building for multiple decades as a Chinese herbalist.