Due to Injuries…

Franco Berardi, Enda Brophy, Brady Cranfield, Steve Collis, Jamie Hilder, Jaleh Mansoor, Cecily Nicholson

Due to Injuries... Brady Cranfield and Jamie Hilder

Book Launch: 7pm, December 18, 2014
at Publication Studio, 222 E Georgia St

Due to Injuries… and completes the eponymous exhibition by Vancouver-based artists Brady Cranfield and Jamie Hilder, presented at 221A in the fall of 2013. Alongside new artwork in the gallery, Cranfield and Hilder organized a public lecture by Italian Marxist theorist Franco “Bifo” Berardi, co-presented by Simon Fraser University’s Vancity Office for Community Engagement. Berardi’s lecture was followed by a series of responses by Enda Brophy (Assistant Professor, School of Communication at SFU), Steve Collis (Professor, Department of English at SFU), Jaleh Mansoor (Assistant Professor, Department of Art History, Visual Art & Theory at UBC), and poet and activist Cecily Nicholson.

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No Monologue

January 17 – March 14, 2015

Dustin Brons, Gabi Dao, Kara Hansen, Scott Kemp, Emma Metcalfe Hurst, Ellis Sam, Zebulon Zang

“Did we just collaborate?” (2014)  found Craigslist image and caption for No Monologue

“Did we just collaborate?” (2014) found Craigslist image and caption for No Monologue

If you help me make a decision, that is a collaboration.

Long tables can be located in the culture of congregation by looking at one occasion in design history when Danish furniture designer Piet Hein tried to intervene in the peace negotiations after the Vietnam War.

Hein contacted the parties after he heard a rumor that the delegates could not continue because they were in dispute about the shape of the table. He offered his design, the super-elliptical table, believing that the elongated circle would quell hierarchies suggested in a rectangle, or avoid the overt utopianism of a round table. Shortly after, negotiations started up again, not around Hein’s table, but likely after the diplomats abandoned the shape of the table as the foremost pressing subject—though pressing enough to summon a hiatus on political arbitration…

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Announcing our Monthly-Giving Fundraising Campaign!

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 5.25.12 PM

We are pleased to announce our Monthly-Giving Fundraising Campaign for Semi-Public, a 10-year rotating program of public art that responds to the intensive change happening in Chinatown and adjacent communities. We are in the last phase of fundraising and need to raise $800 in monthly donations to complete our fundraising needs. Your ongoing monthly contribution will help us cover 25% of the total program budget per year. Visit our campaign website for more information on Semi-Public and donor benefits. Be a part of the project by supporting us – any amount helps! 

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