825 Pacific is a 21,000 square foot purpose-built arts and culture facility with a total of 30 units of artist studios and program spaces, including 23 rent-stabilized tenant units, 3 units for 221A Fellows, the 221A Fellowship Library, a 50-person co-working space, a ground floor project space for creative studio use and community events, and 221A’s administrative offices. The building is owned by the City of Vancouver and operated by 221A on a 60-year lease agreement.

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Current vacancies

There are no vacancies in this building at this time.

Key Features

  • Seven-storey purpose-built building for arts and cultural developed as part of the City of Vancouver's Community Amenity Contribution program.
  • The building is the first certified commercial Passive House development with up to 90% in reduced energy output.
  • 221A holds a 60-year lease on the premises, and completed a $2.5M tenant improvements through support of the City of Vancouver, through the BC Arts Council, Canadian Heritage, and the joint Provincial and Federal Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).
  • The building has 23 tenant units for artists and/or non-profit office use, 3 units for 221A Fellows, the 221A Fellowship Library, and a 50-person Coworking Space.

Eligibility for Studios

Individuals must: 

  • self-identify as an Artist;
  • be the age of majority;
  • be living in BC; 
  • intend on using the premises in a manner that is compatible with facility purposes and capacity

Small cultural nonprofits or businesses must:

  • operate a genuine arts and cultural non-profit organization or small cultural business in BC; and
  • intend on using the premises in a manner that is compatible with facility purposes and capacity

Unit Information

The 23 office and artist studio units at 825 Pacific include:

  • Access by enterphone and keyfob
  • All units have natural light and ceiling heights range from 8–12’.
  • 23 non-market work-only studios for artists and/or non-profit office use (L2 to L6)
  • Monthly rents range from $500 to $1,835 (incl. common area costs, taxes, and maintenance fees)
  • Unit sizes range from 132 to 449 square feet
  • Secured lobby with water-bottle refill station
  • Accessible bathrooms on all floors (change stations on L1)
  • Secure bicycle parking (Lower Level)
  • Rentable secure storage lockers (Lower Level)

Allowable Use

The 825 premises is intended to function as a non-market, shared multi-purpose arts and culture hub, with presentation, production (suitable for Artist Studio - Class A activities, which do not involve industrial processes or amplified sound), and office space for multiple artists and cultural practitioners who are Vancouver-based and/or community members of the Musqueam, Squamish or Tsleil-Waututh Nations, and Vancouver-based non-profit arts and culture organizational use.


  • The front entrance to the building is wheelchair accessible
  • The elevator is wheelchair accessible and centrally located
  • Accessible, single stall, gender neutral, bathrooms on every floor
  • Two double stall bathrooms with accessible showers are located on the basement floor
  • Services animals are welcome in the building
  • An emergency power supply on all power operated doors
  • Areas of refuge on each floor

Rents and General Terms

Rental rate is based on factors such as square footage, condition and features of the space.

  • Units are subleased on a 1-year term and may be longer on a case-by-case basis
  • A one-month security deposit is required
  • Tenants must follow 221A’s hazardous materials policy
  • Included in rent: electricity, water and sewage, shared wifi, headlease rent, property taxes, waste/recycling, cleaning services (common areas), interior and exterior building maintenance, fire system and emergency generator, tenancy arrangements, and administration.
  • No GST on rent as 221A is a registered Canadian charitable organization and is exempt from collecting GST on real property. 

Unit TypeNo. of UnitsUnique FeaturesUnit Square FootageCommon Area*Monthly Rental Rate**
A7Corner units (windows on 2 or 3 sides)134 to 39369%$588 to $1,725
B2Two windows, or corner with pillar227 to 44969%$928 to $1,835
C14One window132 to 19169%$500 to $723
*Proportionate common area is calculated using BOMA 2017 standards, which includes the building circulation, common amenities and service areas, minus rentable exclusions such as: rented storage areas, staircases, elevator, and other major vertical penetrations. Total rentable area includes both unit square footage and proportionate common areas. 
**Monthly rental rate is the gross rental rates. As opposed to a net or triple net lease, where a tenant pays "additional rent" to cover operating costs and taxes, a gross lease is where the tenant pays rent to the landlord as a gross amount and is not required to pay additional rent to the landlord to cover expenses related to the leased premises.

Building amenities

  • Bookable Meeting Room – Building tenants have access to a bookable 235 sq ft / 10 person meeting room located on L2.
  • Secured Lobby Area – common foyer to the building, access to bathrooms, and reception for events. A drinking/water bottle refill station is located on the ground floor adjacent to the elevators for all building users.
  • Washout Sinks – A washout sink with a sediment catchment is on each floor. 
  • Lunch Areas A lunch area is provided on each floor that includes seating, and cabinetry, a kettle, microwave and fridge.
  • Bathrooms – A universal bathroom is located on each floor of the building. Two bathrooms located on the ground floor are designated for public-facing/guest use.  A total of 10 wheel-chair accessible bathrooms are located within the premises.  
  • Showers Two bathrooms on the basement floor are designed as an amenity to support bicycle use and include a total of four shower stalls.
  • Bicycle Parking – Shared bicycle parking area includes 11 bicycle parking spots on a first-come, first-served basis 
  • Lockers – Lockers are provided on the basement floor for rental use for personal belongings. Designated day lockers are available for use for free.
  • Storage Units – 24 small storage units are available for rental use.
  • Loading – one Class B loading space located at the front entrance of the building
  • Passive House Certification –  The 825 Pacific project was certified to the Passive House standard, and uses no fossil fuels, to meet the City of Vancouver's commitment to build all new City owned buildings to achieve near zero emissions in operation reduces overall energy by up to 90%.
  • Building utilities – Fire alarm and sprinkler system, keyfob and enterphone access, security and communications, recycling and waste management, and a backup generator.

Studio FAQ

How does 221A define who is an Artist?

How does 221A define who is a non-profit cultural organization?

How are tenants selected?

Do I get to choose which unit I want?

What if I would like a lease that is longer than 1 year?

How are the rental rates set?

How is rent collected?

What happens if a tenant is unable to pay their rent?

Am I allowed to make alterations to my unit?

Am I allowed to sublet my unit?

Who owns 221A?

How are decisions made about the building?

Does 221A make profit from the building?

Building FAQ

1. Are there residential or live-work units at 825 Pacific?

7. What is included in the rent?

8. What is not included in the rent that tenants should expect to pay?

12. What are the operating hours of the building?

13. Can I have guests come to my studio?

14. What art practices are allowed?

16. Can I share my unit with others?

18. Are pets allowed?

19. Is there bike and vehicle parking?

20. Is there a loading bay?

21. How can I book the meeting room?

22. Where else will tenants be able to find information?

Sublease Inquiry

For sublease inquiries and tour requests, please fill out and submit the form below. We will get back to you shortly after we receive your submission.

Note that this form pertains to commercial studio spaces only.

Application Assistance

To ensure the participation of people living with disabilities, people who do not have access to specific technology, and/or people who otherwise require assistance, staff will offer telephone or in-person assistance for the completion of the following forms and documentation as well as to support participation in site tours and orientation. Please contact 221A’s Spaces Coordinator to arrange application assistance at spaces@221a.ca

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