Zasha Colah Fellowship Closing Live Stream

Zasha Colah Fellowship Closing Live Stream

Curator Zasha Colah is getting ready to close her Fellowship with 221A after the The Scorched Earthly exhibition opening at the Ar/Ge Kunst in Bolzano, Italy. Zasha has worked on this body of research with 221A since 2021, which has developed into a two-part exhibition and a forthcoming publication. Later this year, an archive of the exhibition and research will find a home in 221A’s Library, to be displayed in our new facility at 825 Pacific Street. Join Zasha, along with her collaborator, Valentina Viviani, to discuss the research and to hear about the launch of the exhibition.

The Scorched Earthly considers the use of the scorched-earth policy—and the many forms this military maneuver has taken up until the present—in terrains largely describable as either unceded or ungovernable. The highlands of north-eastern India and Myanmar (known as Zomia) and the lands of Indigenous people, especially the unceded territories in British Columbia, bear oral folklore that describe routine scorched-earth interventions. Zasha’s research accentuates poetic voices and artistic actions from these terrains connected by their bearing of scorched-earth maneuvers.

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Since 2017, 221A has worked with 17 Fellows to conduct research over extended periods of time. Each Fellow receives a living-wage stipend and production support to lead new research on potential social, cultural or ecological infrastructure. Staff work alongside Fellows to resource and translate research into public education, learning programs and engaging plans to develop new infrastructure.

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