Anne Low

Engaging with the history of textiles materially, Anne Low produces mysterious contemporary forms that speak to wider narratives around the impulse to individuate surface, object and self. The artist produces handwoven textiles that she presents in custom-made glass and wood cases. The works draw upon the distinct presence and autonomy of textiles and allude to some intimate or practical use, while their considered display methods position these as select objects warranting special care and attention. This line of investigation also speaks to the artist’s role in upholding and furthering unique orders of knowledge embedded within these traditional practices.

Low’s works have been exhibited at The Taut and Tame, Berlin; Belvedere Project Space, Vancouver; Hex Projects, London; the Western Front, Vancouver; and ISSUE Project Room, New York. She regularly studies at the Marshfield School of Weaving, Vermont.

Last updated: May 5, 2024