Sector R&D

221A leads sectoral initiatives that include collective work in the nonprofit, business and academic sectors. These initiatives develop essential policy knowledge, grow relationships between sectors, engage in public consultation through programming, all in the aim of furthering long-term planning by 221A, as well as the cultural, education and nonprofit sectors.

If you are interested in knowing more about these sectoral initiatives or would like to make a contribution to 221A’s learning, please contact

Non-Profit Crypto Finance Working Group

Summer 2021 - Fall 2022

With a network of cultural, educational and non-profit partners, the working group will gather and develop the knowledge about crypto finance needed to benefit the non-profit, educational and cultural sectors. The group is assembling a cross-sector team of organizations, from the worlds of visual art, design, film, architecture, music, and digital culture. The questions the group will research—e.g., fiduciary duties, risk/reward equations, governance mechanisms—will comprise a basis of knowledge that can be further disseminated across sectors