Screening and Social with Architects for Social Housing

Screening and Social with Architects for Social Housing

Please join 221A in thanking Architects for Social Housing (ASH) for their work in Vancouver as part of their Research Fellowship. Over the past four weeks, ASH has developed a manuscript for a forthcoming book For A Socialist Architecture and hosted four public workshops that have asked urgent questions about the Social, Environmental, Economic and Political issues that are shared by cities on the spear’s edge of the international housing crisis.

Following the fourth and final workshop on the Political (Aug 9. 2-4 pm), ASH has prepared a montage of video documentation of their work with the housing organizing groups in London over the past five years.  Pulled from footage of protests and demonstrations, mixed with debate and newsreel excerpts, the documentation will play for an hour, while drinks are served for an informal early evening together.

Project Support

Supported by the International Presence Program of the Province of British Columbia’s Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

Province of British Columbia