221A Unveils New Logo by House9

221A Unveils New Logo by House9

January 25, 2024

Commissioned by collaborative graphic design studio, House9, 221A’s refreshed logo brings new life into the organization’s identity through a mono-linear sans-serif and balanced stroke weight.

“We wanted to ensure 221A's identity remained instantly recognizable and that the organization's long history carried through,” says Farah Khan, Principal and Creative Director of House9. “In replacing the typeface with Roobert, we were able to add a layer of friendliness.”

A dance to the sounds of a Moog synthesizer, the new logo achieves softer, rounder curves on the 2 and 1; no more bar at the foot of the 1; and a wider footprint and lower crossbar on the A. 

“For colour, we decided to incorporate the palette from 221A's 2019 publication, Other Colours, a project about memory, experience and culture.”

Find 221A’s new logo across our platforms including our website.

An outline of a hound—pointy-pawed, heart-nosed, starry-eyed—poops a callout that barks: no art. We recall 221A’s first logo as a student founded collective drawn 18 years ago.