Hillary and The Revolution, Jennifer Moon (2015–2016)


Hillary and The Revolution, (2015–2016)

The Revolution is planning a campaign tour, The Revolution World Tour 2016: USA Division, to coincide with the 2016 US presidential campaign and election. The aim of TRWT2016 is to raise $1 million, by asking only $1 from a million people, to start Faction 3 of The Revolution. Faction 3 of The Revolution is committed to the redistribution of wealth around the world through a socialist-based conduit corporation in conjunction with a nonprofit that supplies free means of production to the public to provide for everyone’s survival needs: free food, clothing, shelter, health care for all on this earth and beyond.

TRWT2016 is a three-month tour beginning in August 2016 and ending on election day, November 4, 2016. TRWT2016 plans to follow Hillary Clinton’s campaign itinerary, setting up stage down the street, rallying people to revolution. Leading up to the tour, The Revolution will take over Hillary Clinton’s website using Toggle to begin the ultimate campaign for a new future, a new present, and a new world!