Image: Michelle Campos Castillo


The first snowfall of the season at the garden. The plants are still sleeping, the Cobb oven and a red truck are the only colour in the frame. Coast Salish Territory, Soloman Chiniquay, 2021.

This publication documents a number of the conversations that took place across my research fellowship with the aim of finding and asking questions situated around the abstraction of exchange. We need new models of approach now—this project wonders how we might find alternative systems which are more caring and more just (to both human and non-human relations), and how we might spread these ideas outward into the public sphere as a way of contributing to their collective visualization.

Table of Contents:
Imagining New Systems of Exchange: Introduction and Reflections – Christina Battle

Land acknowledgement – Nicole Kelly Westman 

Images from x̱aw̓s shew̓áy̓ New Growth《新生林》– Valeen Jules

What is a Mesh Network? – Rosemary Heather

Infrastructure and the Backloop – Talk with Stephanie Wakefield

all my relations – Oli Barnes & jaz whitford

Ring – Zach Ayotte

YYZGRU Express: the Power and Intimacy of Exchange – Interview with Eugenio Salas

On Poetic Transaction – Mukbang with Patrick Cruz

Champagne for Everybody – Considering the parameters of exchange with Leila Timmins

the forecast – Evidence from conversations with: Althea Balmes, Lanny DeVuono, Tao Fei, oualie frost, Jesse McKee, Rehab Nazzal, Becca Taylor, Nicole Kelly Westman, and Alize Zorlutuna.

Glossary of terms – Christina Battle

Feature image by Michelle Campos Castillo, and created especially for this publication.

Infrastructure and the Back Loop with Stephanie Wakefield

October 2020 - February 2022

Video recording and Transcript for “Infrastructure and the Back Loop with Stephanie Wakefield” recorded on April 5, 2021.

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: anthropocene, infrastructure, systems, thinking, idea, imagine, project, question, people, resilience, disasters, government, infrastructural, living, ways, ecosystem.



October 2020 - February 2022