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Speaking Truth to Power (2014–ongoing)
Speaking Truth to Power: a rhisomatic lecture and dialogue about obscenity and censorship through language and image.
I will address recent themes in my work that pertain to feminism, the female body and its regulation online and in real life.

I will also examine and discuss some of the history of censorship, as well as current double standards with regard to the ‘appropriateness’ of the female body in public space. I plan to include ideas and examples of code through language and image (early American Quilts, the poems of Hô Xuân Hu’on’g, morse code, Braille, and other visual signifiers or metaphors). This lecture will occur over several sites, and will unfold sequentially, requiring the ‘reader’ to follow me through virtual space and time, across various URLs, with the URLs relating to the content of my lecture.

The URLs that I select will be of a few types:

a) sites or pages of mine that were banned/censored (I will overlay the images or text that was censored)
b) sites that contain images that are ‘worse’ than some things that have been censored (I will provide comparative images, as well as text to discuss standards of censorship and appropriateness online)
c) sites that discuss activism and political acts that pertain to fighting censorship (Femen, Snowden, Anonymous, etc.)
d) sites that discuss historical cases of women using their bodies as tools of political protest.
I would also like to travel through time, online, (via the internet archive), to offer commentary on sites that pertain to the foundations of conservatism that would contribute to the development of oppressive, puritanical ideologies in the United States (such as the transcripts from the 101st congress in 1989–1990, during which the “Culture Wars” began). For each post that I make, I will include links to the previous and subsequent URLs, so that the ‘reader’ can follow my lecture from any point in the dialogue.

Micol Hebron, Artist

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