Toggle: Marii Nyröp

Toggle: Marii Nyröp



FUQ ZUQ: Facebook as Global State (2015)
FUQ ZUQ is an open research- and rhetoric-based project that takes Facebook’s initiative as its subject of inquiry and enmity. Though oppositional, both and FUQ ZUQ aim to understand global “connectivity”: what it is currently and what it can become conceptually in terms of physical, political, and psychological infrastructure. FUQ ZUQ asserts that the transnational conflation of networks with democracy and connectivity with solidarity is truly corrosive, and seeks to dismantle’s humanitarian branding to expose its modes of extrastate control. The project will culminate in a set of diffuse philosophical medias, a terse piece of rhetoric to circulate broadly, and a technical toolkit towards subverting Zuck’s protocols.

Marii Nyröp, Artist

FUQ ZUQ: Facebook as Global State exists on Toggle, a customized Chrome browser plugin by neverhitsend.

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