Toggle: Georgie and Min

Toggle: Georgie and Min



Missed (Trying to Fold the Earth), (2010, 2015–ongoing)

Taking place as notes left on the Wikipedia pages of our last known locations this project will explore our attempts to communicate as Georgie travels to Mexico and returns to LA, and Min visits Amsterdam and travels by train through the Black Forest and into Switzerland. We want to look at the way technology alters the fixity of body and location. We will explore the isolation and frustration of IMs unanswered, and the futility of missing someone, but also the beauty of a connection made, and a Skype date kept. We want to use the pages as a space for communication that can happen outside of timezones. We want to explore the difference between writing to someone and writing at someone, the one way disjointedness of a conversation split into two parts, one chasing the other, symbolizes the difficulty of staying connected.

Georgie and Min, Artist

Missed (Trying to Fold the Earth) exists on Toggle, a customized Chrome browser plugin by neverhitsend.

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