Toggle: Cassie McQuater

Toggle: Cassie McQuater



Black Room  (2015–ongoing)
Black Room is an online text-based game that moves the player through, below and inside of their internet browser. The story of an insomniac trying to fall asleep, and the in-between states of consciousnesses they experience when on the verge of sleep, is the narrative guide. The game draws comparisons between liminal states of consciousness (btwn sleep and wakefulness) and fragile internet spaces (dark web, unindexed content, stories hidden in the HTML, url redirects). At any time, if the player uses developer editing tools (or View>Developer>View Source on Chrome) to view the source of the page, they will find an alternative story in the markup comments.

Cassie McQuater, Artist

Black Room exists on Toggle, a customized Chrome browser plugin by neverhitsend.

Download Toggle here: