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whether stolen
or allowed

səl̓ilwətaɁɬ təməxʷ
Stolen native land
Hogan's alley
China town

take a breath and give thanks

No cops allowed
sun lights wide paths laid in grey gravel 
sparse moss lines the edge of each bed 
towering white painted brick walls stand shamelessly to the left and right the full length of the space
White brick in contrast to lush green form line patches
and dark rich soil
Follow each curve of the gravel path to find indigenous plants thriving and strong
From Ground cover kinikinik and wild strawberry to snow berry and wild rose growing to heights taller than we can pick
Cartoon like rats scurry from soil mound to soil mound
Diaspora seeking refuge in the embrace of the roots

stones holding soil close 
reminding me what home means 

making sure things dont fall apart
life spirals upward all around you 
reaching for the warm light

red clay color
hand shaped benches 
sit on top of neatly stacked flat stones just past the halfway point between street & alley
benches stretching out from the cob oven like arms waiting to embrace you

Straight ahead 
Past the slatted silver aluminum twin gate 
Looms an old rust red brick wall
patched with graffiti cover in every shade of rust you can think of

this green space
is resistance at its root
life that was supposed to be eradicated
standing tall like fists in the air
Demanding your recognition

We are still here
Private property on stolen land 
Not if we can help it

Living Description

Living Description is an education initiative convened by artist Aislinn Thomas that conceptualizes access not as an accommodation, but as a relational process of shared sense-making. Beginning with a series of alt-text and visual description workshops led by Aislinn Thomas and Ramya Amuthan in 2021, the project culminates in the launch of 1-833-SEMI-PUB: a toll-free listening space featuring six commissioned audio descriptions that offer multiple non-visual ways to experience the x̱aw̓s shew̓áy̓ New Growth《新生林》garden as a living system.