Round Table: Social Tokens & Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

Round Table: Social Tokens & Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

Organized with Daniel Keller of, the Blockchains & Cultural Padlocks research initiative hosts a round table on the development space for social tokens and distributed autonomous organizations (DAOs). These functioning blockchain-backed entities are essential building blocks for the development of the next layer of the internet. Bringing together several development teams who are working on cultural projects in this space, we’ll address how these practices are inventing new protocols for resource and content sharing across platforms.  

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The round table opens with a collective discussion about some of the most recognized Social Tokens that have emerged to-date. As a community of developers, we’ll assess how these initiative have framed the social token space for a broader usership, and speculate on what else is possible. We’ll assess how a community determines its own value around its meta-data, and how DAOs, through their uncertain social frictions, become a beneficial space for managing decentralized finance protocols.

Providing an open forum for development teams to propose ideas, ask questions and share work in progress, discussions will address tokenomic design; the value of immutability and organic systems; as well as community governance. Together we’ll find out how to advance the social bonds and community ties that bring cooperative and sustainable value to our cultural work. 

The round table will not be broadcast live, and the participants will collectively edit the recordings in order to focus the discussion so that it can engage new and existing users of these technologies.


Blockchains & Cultural Padlocks Research Report, published by 221A, May 2021


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Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategy Fund

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