LIVE Biennale

LIVE Biennale

October 22 – 31, 2009

THE POLITICS OF ROMANCE curated by Debra MX Zhou

Tara Arnst, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Sarah Harruthoonyan

The Politics of Romance is an exhibition featuring three emerging Canadian artists Tara Arnst, Francisco-Fernando Granados and Sarah Harruthoonyan. Through presenting their documentation of live performance as video installation in a gallery setting, the artists explore alternative ways of looking at live performance, the transformative nature of actions and the renewal of meanings.

EARTHLY DELIGHTS curated by Francisco-Fernando Granados

Zarah Ackerman, Francis Cruz & Patrick Cruz and Manolo Lugo

With hands and tongues, three emerging Vancouver artists embody the intangible for one night of performance in Earthly Delights. The corporeal, the intellectual and the metaphysical mix as they grapple with power, pleasure and the lines between the conscious and the unconscious.

Opening Reception

Opening Reception: Oct 22, 8pm-12pm
Extended Hours: Mon-Fri, 2-8pm. Sat, 12-5pm. Sunday 11-3pm