And He Built A Crooked House

And He Built A Crooked House

And He Built A Crooked House is an exhibition of works by Lauren Cherry and Max Springer (Los Angeles), Valérian Goalec (Brussels) and Nicolas Sassoon (Biarritz/Vancouver) that explores French theorist Georges Bataille’s concept of Base Materialism.

The exhibition takes its title from a short story by Robert A. Heinlein involving a house newly designed by the protagonist Quintus Teal that, as a result of an unexpected earthquake, challenges the traditional structure of linear architecture. The house amalgamates into a 4-dimensional object which renders it into a baseless foundation that can only be described as a blob mixture of multi-functional provisions.

As it turns out, Teal’s newly designed house was nothing other than the living creation of a tesseract or hypercube, an impossible architectural structure that might illustrate Bataille’s Base Materialism. First articulated in the 1920s, Base Materialism objected to the existing hierarchical structure of politics and instead argued for a disorienting and active flux through the “injection” of an active base matter. Through an overlapping uncertainty of sculpture and projection, Goalec, Sassoon, Cherry and Springer have developed a collaborative exhibition that destabilizes each artwork in an attempt to encounter Bataille’s disorienting freedom.

Digital Flyer by Nicolas Sassoon


Free Public Programming

  • June 6 at 18:00 – Artist Talk
  • June 6 at 19:00 – Opening Reception

Project Support

BC Arts CouncilCanada Council for the ArtsCity of Vancouver