Matthias Einhoff

Matthias Einhoff, is co-founder and director of the Center for Arts and Urbanistics, an interdisciplinary hub for urban research and artistic practice located in Berlin. Next to his managing and curatorial responsibilities he is heading the development of research-based projects at the interface of urban discourses and local practices with outcomes such as  – learning platform for urban practitioners, – urban wasteland survey, – urban infrastructure revisited. As a founding member of the artist collectives, and Superschool he has been working in the public sphere exploring the potentials of art to (re)activate the social and spatial relationships of individuals and groups. E.g. and for collective knowledge production. (Congress-of-halfknowledge). As co-initiator and board member of , an inclusive 60,000sqm development project, he co-moderated the process and co-directed the and for public arts section He has been teaching at UdK-Berlin, DigitalArtsLab-Tel Aviv and as a visiting professor at Kunsthochschule Kassel.

Last updated: May 7, 2024