Lauren Marsden

Lauren Marsden’s practice involves various forms, including performance, video, photography, ephemera and texts. Her works often combine fictional and documentary elements in order to construct narratives that conflate the mythological with the historical. She is inspired by obscure and peripheral forms of performance such as etiquette drills, paparazzi behavior, flag-raisings and sound checks, which she then re-stages in public space. Also a director of short films and videos, she has produced a number of pieces that offer unsettling representations of landscapes and locations using voice-over narration, camera movement, looping and frame manipulation. Much of her work is collaborative in nature; for instance, she has recently produced projects with other creative professionals including a horror filmmaker, a court illustrator, an auctioneer and modern dancers.

She received her BFA in Visual arts from the University of Victoria and her MFA in Social Practice from the California College of the Arts. She has recently exhibited her work at the Victoria Film Festival, Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco, LIVE International Performance Art Biennale in Vancouver, Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois, Chicago and Frutta Gallery in Rome, Italy. She is also the editor of Decoy Magazine, a Vancouver-based online platform for critical arts writing.

Last updated: May 5, 2024