Golboo Amani

Since graduating from the BFA program at Emily Carr University, the majority of Golboo Amani's work consists of interdisciplinary collaborative explorations in the production of knowledge. Concerned with the configurations of power in the institutional structures of knowledge production, Golboo's practice centers on pedagogical practices and artist-run counter culture. Through a cross-disciplinary collaborative practice the artists recent bodies of work involve facilitating inclusive spaces of agency, organizing sites for generous skill sharing and embodied acts of reclamation.

Imbued with a pre-occupation in post-colonial, post-structuralist theory and transnational feminism, Golboo's work strives to create dynamic sites of diversity and non-hierarchical inclusivity, in both real and virtual spaces. Focused on process and research, the artist's practice utilizes a variety of mediums including; photography, performance, space intervention, digital media, and social practice. Often, she appropriates dominant informative tools and practices, drawing from the lexicon of pedagogy as a way to create critical discourse about epistemic violence in dominant, homogenized systems of knowledge production.

Last updated: May 5, 2024