Eugenio Salas

Eugenio Salas’s practice involves disrupting social roles and dynamics through process-based projects. Salas examines the symbolic places and social environments that unfold through artistic collaboration. He carries out participatory performative actions employing media, print, and cooking. Salas’ previous projects include Snack Pack, a doughnut-based stop-motion animation work reflecting on his first Canadian job as a new immigrant; Tunnel, an installation involving the construction of a tunnel inside an art gallery with a non-status construction worker and gallery curator; YYZGRU, a parcel delivery system designed to exchange personal objects between Brazilians in Toronto and their families back home; Social Plastics/Nail Party, a participatory performance in a nail salon in collaboration with an immigrant family of nail technicians; The Supercake, a 22-foot long edible sculpture in collaboration with immigrant women with whom he worked at a cake factory; Garage_____, a land art installation and impromptu art exhibition on a major artery in London (ON); Fogones – Weast Feast, a participatory performance with immigrant cooks, waste laborers, and food producers in Philadelphia.

Last updated: May 7, 2024