Ethọ́s Lab

Described as Hogwarts meets Wakanda meets 'coworking space', the Ethọ́s Lab is at the intersection of culture and innovation. Ethọ́s Lab is creating a STEM (science, technology, education, maths) and culture-focused Innovation Academy (Akademie) for youth ages 13-18 to incite curiosity, build community, and promote personal growth and development in a rapidly changing world. With in-person workshops, a physical co-working space, and an engaging, safe online community, Ethọ́s Lab, is an accessible tech-infused environment that meets the diverse needs of youth right where they are. Ethọ́s Lab participants gain real-world problem-solving, engineering, and science skills while exploring the fullest expressions of their authentic selves, making for happier, smarter kids, better equipped to navigate the environment around them.

Last updated: May 7, 2024