Ceit Butler

Ceit Butler is a program development lead at George Brown College, and has worked closely with the college and other industry professionals to help create and launch what has become Canada's first post-secondary certificate in Blockchain Development. Currently, she is a Professor and Program Coordinator for the blockchain program where her duties include: engaging and mentoring students to help them develop innovative solutions to business challenges; overseeing the dynamic evolution of the curriculum in order to ensure that the content keeps pace with the technology; and forging new industry partnership opportunities between the college and the larger blockchain community. Ceit is also a Linux and Open Source software enthusiast; privacy and security proponent; and PHP, Solidity, and Python programmer applying her expertise in humanitarian and not-for-profit projects. She speaks fluent Geek, and in her spare time enjoys virtually piloting gunships, gourmet cooking at home, and knitting in the company of dangerous minds.

Last updated: May 7, 2024