Socialist era gymnastics training facility, Hungary, Tom Sloan (2013)

Blood Mountain at 221A is an exhibition and renovation project developed in residency at 221A over the course of five weeks by the Budapest- and Vienna-based Blood Mountain Foundation. The exhibition presents two major research projects undertaken by Blood Mountain: Stories from Central Europe (2011-) and Renovating The New World (2013-), an ongoing collaboration with the artist-collective, Lonelyfingers, and a selection of works from Blood Mountain’s artists-in-residence: Diango Hernández (2010), Asim Memishi (2011), The Otolith Group (2012) and Fritz Haeg (2012).

The projects second component includes a 115 square-foot bathroom redevelopment entitled Bathroom Makeover or Post-Socialist Pre-Displacement Pseudo-Historical Shrine. Designed and built by Sloan during the residency, Bathroom Makeover reveals the role of renovation as a deeply significant form of cultural remembrance, healing and transformation. In the context of Vancouver’s rapid redevelopment as a vertical, high-density urban environment where existing older buildings and multi-cultural histories are often eradicated under the banner of urban regeneration, the installation will become a pseudo-historical shrine, interpreting existing space and collective memory.

Blood Mountain
Blood Mountain is an independent non-profit organization working at the intersection of contemporary art, architecture and design. Based in Budapest and Vienna, the organization aims to generate fresh discourse and to encourage the production of new work inspired by the region’s broader socio-political and historical context. Key activities include residencies, exhibitions, public events, education, workshops, publications and new research and production-based projects. Central to the foundation’s objective is the belief that culture is an agent for change and its open discourse and unrestricted practice are fundamental to the life of a participatory democracy. Blood Mountain was established in 2010 by Hungarian born art historian/curator, Jade Niklai and Australian industrial designer, Tom Sloan.