221A Celebrates Recertification as a Living Wage Employer

221A Celebrates Recertification as a Living Wage Employer

April 24, 2024

221A is proud to announce its recertification with Living Wages for Families! The living wage, calculated by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, BC Office and Living Wage for Families BC, is the hourly rate that each of two parents working full-time must earn to support a family of four based on the actual costs of living in a particular community. As the cost of essentials continues to balloon, particularly for housing and food, Metro Vancouver’s living wage has climbed to $25.68 per hour for 2023, marking an increase of 6.6 per cent from last year. 221A has been a certified living wage employer since 2017.

Afuwa, Associate Director at 221A, says:

Our staff are almost 100% creatives: we are artists, craftspeople, musicians, writers, performers. A living wage aligns perfectly with our vision of a pluralistic society in which all people have the means to access and make culture.

As a living wage employer, 221A also seeks opportunities to work with other organizations that are on the Living Wage registry. Paying a living wage is challenging, in this economy and within a nonprofit structure, but, as Living Wage BC says, a living wage allows families to participate in the social, civic and cultural lives of their communities; for us, it’s become non-negotiable.

Living Wage grounds our practice—it’s a driving force behind how we structured our inaugural Fellowships—and helps us to do our work and build relationships with integrity. Living Wage BC has been a dream to work with. We have so much gratitude for the work that they continue to do in order to fulfill their vision of making BC a province where every worker can thrive.

The Living Wage for Families also advocates for policies that would positively impact families. 221A supports the call for quality and affordable child care as well as for housing policies that would help low-wage families make ends meet.

To learn more, please visit Living Wages for Families.