221A Membership Welcomes New Board Members

221A Membership Welcomes New Board Members

July 16, 2022

On July 9, 2022, the Society’s membership gathered at 825 Pacific Street for the 15th Annual General Meeting. Members received reports on the activities of the 2021-22 fiscal year from Am Johal, President and Brian McBay, Executive Director, alongside a presentation of the Audited Financial Statements by Ross Gentleman, Treasurer. Furthermore, members re-appointed Harbourside CPA LLP as the Society’s Auditor for the 2022-23 fiscal year.

Members elected Krystal Paraboo and Kathy Feng for a term of three years (2022–25), joining recently appointed members Marisa Espinosa, Neeta Soni, Virginia Hong (2021–24), alongside previously elected members Julia Aoki, Jeff Derksen, and Katy Young (2020–23). At the close of the 2022 AGM, there remains a total of four (4) vacancies on the Society’s Board of Directors. This fall, the Board will continue a search for Board members to fill vacant terms. The Society thanks all members for their ongoing support and their participation in the AGM.

Marisa Espinosa (left), Neeta Soni (centre), and Virginia Hong (right) were appointed by the Board to fill vacant terms of 2021–24 earlier this spring.

Virginia Hong appointed Board President, Julia Aoki as Vice-President

Further to the election of the Board of Directors, the Board made the following appointments:

  • Virginia Hong (2021–24) President of the Board and Chair of the Finance Committee
  • Julia Aoki (2020–23) Vice-President and Chair of the People Committee
  • Katy Young (2020–23) as Chair of the Space Committee
  • Neeta Soni (2021–24) as Chair of the Advancement Committee
  • Marisa Espinosa (2021–24) as Chair of the Governance Committee

Outgoing Board Members

Am Johal, outgoing Board President, speaks to the Vancouver Sun about the creation of the 221A Artist Housing Society

221A gives thanks to outgoing Board members: Am Johal (2018–21, 2021–22), Baharak Yousefi (2019–22), Ross Gentleman (2016–2019, 2019–22), Gillian Siddall (2019–22), and Simranpreet Anand (2019–22), whose terms had come to a close at the 2022 AGM. To support the continuity of the Society's Board Committees, one-year Advisory appointments were made for Am Johal to the Space Committee, Gillian Siddall to the Governance Committee, and Ross Gentleman to the Finance Committee. Advisors are non-board members who are appointed by the Board of Directors to serve on committees of the Board.

Information about 221A’s Board of Directors

221A is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who have a responsibility for the management of the Society and for setting and ensuring the organization is meeting its charitable purposes. In practice, like many non-profit organizations, the Board of Directors place an emphasis on approval of policy and longer-term planning, delegating day-to-day responsibilities to the Executive Director and staff. In 2019, 221A’s membership made a Special Resolution, adjusting the Society’s Bylaws to establish terms of three years where Board Members serve for staggered terms of office such that approximately 1/3 of the Board of Directors shall be elected each year.