Josh Gabert-Dayon and Yu Su announced as first Fellows

August 20, 2017

221A is happy to introduce Josh Gabert-Doyon and Yu Su as the society’s inaugural Fellows who are participants in “Notes on Permanent Education (N.O.P.E.)”. Taking its name from a revolutionary poster circulated during the May ‘68 student uprising in Paris, half a century later, the slogan is a question and a charge: What does the demand for permanent education mean today? And what is the role of artists and students in creating a new society? Convened by 221A's Librarian, Vincent Tao, the fellows will be centered on these questions, unfolding into a series of study programs and live events.

Josh Gabert-Doyon is a writer, photographer, and documentary radio producer. He currently works at Fillip and Cited, a podcast about academia and the politics of expertise.


Yu Su comes from a classical piano background and works as a sound artist and music composer in Vancouver. She produces musical manipulation of dub appliqué, presenting an extensive study on acoustic electronica, cultural exchange, and an ongoing response to the history of “ambient music.”