Life of a Craphead Colour #4a4154

Life of a Craphead Colour
Life of a Craphead

To create the Life of a Craphead Colour we have combined three key colours from the stories below and added a gloss on top.

1. During a magic show, when I was eight or nine years old, a white boy sitting next to me kept digging his fingernails into my arm, demanding, “Are you Chinese???” I didn’t know what to do so I kept answering, “Well… I may be…” while he stared me right in the face with his blue eyes.

Pantone Matching System 14-4317 TPX
Cool Blue

2. A few years ago we lost our grey cat and I was putting up Missing Cat posters. My friendly white neighbour with long blonde hair joined me and joked that “it was probably eaten by Chinese people.” Incidentally, I’m Chinese, so I take her advice to have meant, not to worry, I probably just ate my own cat.

Pantone Matching System 13-0739 TCX
Cream Gold

3. My white boss made an offhand comment about “killing off an entire race” at which I flinched. (She was explaining an idiom in her European language.) The next day I found a very big purple Lindt chocolate bar from her waiting for me at my desk. I thought it was a nice gift acknowledging my overtime hours on a recent major project, but it wasn’t. When I thanked her, she blushed and said, “I know sometimes I say offensive things.”

Pantone Matching System 14-1909 TCX
Coral Blush