Rosily Painted Financial Bliss #fa8085

Rosily Painted Financial Bliss
Donato Mancini

“Microcommunities,” Remember ulcers?
or picnic in a failed housing development
– Deanna Ferguson

“Microcommunities,” Remember ulcers?
a rupture in historical memory
migraine / margarine / imagine
a youngster with an ice cream cone waves
out front a one-family cottage & yells
‘My Dad got a job again!’ / NO VACANCY post
rosily painted financial joys / picture
tents along the Capilano River cave in
after every demolition shacks and floathouses
spring up again amazingly resilient a
Santa Claus scheme from which the City can’t
retreat 1/4 of these attic digs w/ insufficient
head-space excessive heat one landlord
turns Spanish-style gas stations into
comfortable cheap bungalows / blueprints
an answer to the lack: in every backyard
discarded trolleys from BC Electric / yeah
known locally as Tom Thumb or Pee Wee houses
like 1937’s CLEAN UP, PAINT UP: “Make
A New Home with Fresh Paint!” rise 300%
or picnic in a failed housing development