Job Posting – Communications & Story Producer

July 20, 2021

Full-Time: 30-hours a week, at 6 to 8 hours a day, 4 to 5 days a week
Primary Job Location: Vancouver or Remote, PST Time Zone
Wage: $28-$32 commensurate with experience, and benefits

Full Job Posting: PDF

221A is seeking applications from eligible candidates for the role of Communications & Story Producer.  221A is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to work with Artists and Designers to research and develop cultural, social and ecological infrastructure.

The incumbent should be an experienced digital storyteller and communications professional. The Communications & Story Producer works closely with programming staff to play a crucial role in developing and producing the organization’s communications and digital storytelling outputs, which are informed by research and programming, as well as facilitating digital community engagement and moderation. Working with the Fellows, Research Initiatives and Education & Learning Programs of 221A, the Communications & Story Producer will demonstrate adaptability and savviness with their skills and assignments in the face of evolving goals and deliverables.

Qualifications & Education 
Completed Post-secondary education in communications, art, design, journalism, podcasting, filmmaking or writing. +2 years of related work experience, Or, related work experience for +4 years since education in other disciplines has been completed.

The employee will be provided a smartphone and data plan, computer, and applicable digital service subscriptions.

A demonstrated record of working with teams, cultural sector leadership, education, public institutions, and public engagement programming. Excellent time management skills; proven ability to learn and work collaboratively; proficiency with Mac/Windows OS, Google Business Services (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc.); experience with Slack, Adobe CS, Mailchimp and WordPress Guttenberg CMS an asset; typing speed of +60 words per minute; experience in leading fabrication and production of art & design deliverables in the digital realm. Experience with editorial planning, audio/video capture and editing, graphic design, website design, and/or bot programming, considered an asset. Strong writing communication skills, and familiarity with a transitioning internet towards Web 3.0, with an interest and ability to deliver decentralized approaches to storytelling and community development. Abreast with the current media and social media landscape, and is able to develop and facilitate Discord servers and communities. Stays up to date with the latest creator tools on the web, with an ability to self-teach and teach others. 

English proficiency. Second language fluency is considered an asset.

Working Conditions
Workdays are 4 to 5 days a week, 6 to 8 hours per day, with a weekly commitment of 30-hours a week. Remote work will be supported with a personalized teleworking agreement drafted between the employee and the organization.

Physical Demands

  • Lifting: No more than 15kg.
  • Movement: Standing and/or sitting for long periods, public transportation between worksite locations.
  • Visual: Long periods on computer; attention to multiple devices and software throughout the day.
  • Social: Expanded networks of participants, partners, stakeholders, and publics will be engaged both digitally and in-person. Contacts may involve stressful and serious interactions requiring high levels of tact and the ability to respond in a timely manner to interpersonal interactions. Planning strategically may be necessary to achieve cooperation, acceptance of ideas and meet administrative goals. The incumbent’s attention to detail in these communications has a high impact on the organization. External contacts include contractors, businesses, government departments, Research Fellows, Artists, Designers, Academics, and community organizations. 
  • Concentration: Extended periods of engagement with computer systems where concentration is key to the accuracy of information. Intermittent periods of engagement with telephone systems to respond to inquiries where concentration is key to performance.

Employment Equity
221A is an equal opportunity employer and employs personnel without regard to race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, language, citizenship, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, physical and/or mental ability or financial ability. While remaining alert and sensitive to the issue of fair and equitable treatment for all, 221A has a special concern with the participation and advancement of members of the following designated groups that have traditionally been disadvantaged in employment: women, queer, trans and non-binary persons, racialized peoples, indigenous peoples and people living with disabilities.

Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, or have refugee status in Canada; be legally entitled to work in Canada; be willing to commit to the full duration of the work (30 hours a week).

Send your cover letter and CV by email to until Friday, September 17, 2021​. Please use the following “[Full Name], Application for Communications & Story Producer” in the Subject Line. 

Qualified applicants will be contacted for interviews upon receipt of their application, not after the deadline. First interviews will be based on general eligibility, qualifications and experience. Second interviews will centre on the development of a proposal, and candidates will be compensated during this stage. 

Please do not inquire regarding the status of your application unless you have not received an acknowledgment of submission. Unfortunately, only those applicants under consideration will be contacted.

Duties and Responsibilities

Overall Logistics
Plans, programs, implements and facilitates the smooth delivery of the organization’s  communications, as well as producing digital programming and research outputs periodically. The Communications & Story Producer is responsible for the creation, compilation and dissemination of all relevant information regarding communications and storytelling with 221A’s Fellows, partners, research initiatives, contractors, audiences, and stakeholders.

Narrative Building & Information Management
Works with the Head of Strategy (HoS) and Program Producer (PP) to coordinate the identification, creation, compilation and dissemination of all relevant information necessary to achieve objectives and targets for the organization’s communications. The CSP actively participates in program planning and project development, with the responsibility of producing storytelling outcomes. This information informs the CSP to develop narratives which emerge from project activities and contributors within the organization, while connecting project activities and contributor practices with the overall values and ambitions of the organization’s ongoing work. Works directly with 221A’s portfolios, such as Education & Learning, Finance, Services and Operations, as appropriate and necessary. 

Fellowships, Research Initiatives, Education & Learning Programs
Works with Fellows, Research Initiatives and partnership programming to develop and produce storytelling outcomes as part of the research process, and for final project outputs. Provides research and support for any storytelling or communications needs that arise during research processes, as well as advising on potential storytelling outcomes at the project design stage.  Liaising with third parties and contractors for storytelling and communications needs; negotiating contracts, securing rights, fact checking, and providing feedback to editors, designers. 

Community Coordination & Facilitation
Coordinates, drafts and disseminates all necessary information through 221A’s websites, social media channels, newsletters, Discord server, and across platforms as needed and required. Plans and liaises with contributors and staff, and realizes the editorial process required for all such communications activities. Understands that the internet is in a swift development phase towards decentralization, known as the transition towards Web 3.0. With this perspective, the CSP develops linear and asynchronous storytelling that onboards, welcomes and develops engaged communities around the research and programs of 221A within the emerging Web 3.0. Coordinates community deliverables as needed and required, and provides moderation and oversight to ensure 221A’s organizational values and integrity are advanced through this engagement. Operates according to 221A’s Anti-Violence and Anti-Harassment policies.

Towards 221A’s Indigenization, equity and access goals, the CSP contributes to the development of accessibility guidelines and policy for communications materials and digital media outputs. Liaises with and supervises third party contractors, for example accessibility services such as closed-captioning, image descriptions, and user-interface designers. Connects offline communities and communities facing barriers to digital access with the information they require to participate or benefit from 221A’s activities and services, as needed and required. Disseminates press releases via external services, as needed and required. Monitors website and social media channels to ensure the information is current and accurate. Develops and produces website content and other content such as project decks, as needed and required.

Planning & Scheduling
Internally schedules 221A’s communications by drafting and updating annual, seasonal and project communications plans. Works with HoS to storytell the work of 221A, with an intention to editorialize the overall organizational narratives for annual benchmarks such as the Annual General Meeting, Staff and Board Strategic Planning Sessions, and major stakeholder partnership events such as facility open houses or opening ceremonies. Recognizes any changes in 221A’s annual planning, and advises on communications impacts and how to resolve gaps, as needed and required.

Supervises and monitors project expenditures within the existing budget allowance and makes recommendations to ensure financial integrity and accountability of projects. Liaises with the PP to project cash flow and reconcile expenses.

Public Interface
Communicates 1-to-1 with digital users and visitors of 221A’s websites, and digital content channels, answers questions and delivers information to parties as needed through a front of house presence. 

Administration, Correspondence & Filing
Initiates, drafts and reviews internal and external correspondence as required, including proposals. Responsible for overseeing, maintaining and archiving and filing of communications materials, per the Filing & Naming policy. Seeks permission for images, audio and content releases as necessary. Manages and ensures proper labelling and maintenance of 221A’s program materials, archives, content, images and media; is responsible for providing 221A files, photos and publicity material to external contacts, when necessary.

Statistics & Reporting
Compiles and monitors 221A’s communications statistics, and develops rationale for reporting metrics of communications, storytelling and digital community development activities. Prepares activity reports as requested for grants, Board of Directors (through the Executive Director) and other stakeholders. Locates support and other materials, and information as requested.