Daniel Oates-Kuhn has applied with 221A Artist Run Centre for permission to construct an artwork installation containing three (3) to five (5) units, with approximately 600 square feet of exhibition area. Access to the site will occur at its opening, 8:00pm September 11th 2009 and thereafter during hours of operation until Oct 11th 2009.

Future Expansion, Today is an exhibition of incongruous familiarities. The current meteoric development craze in Vancouver provides a resonant sociopolitical context to these sculptural forms. Oates-Kuhn aspires to create impressionistic translations of utilitarian objects and altered terrains. The artist investigates our proprioceptive relations to these modified territories of architectural and infrastructural transformations.

Oates-Kuhn primary focus operates out of the formal language of falsework and other areas of construction and renovation, which elicit individual gestures and sentiments through the fog of an intensely uniform and pragmatic methodology.

Artist and curator alike share strong interests in the visual and conceptual codifications of manual labour as a result of personal engagement with these systems. Employment within the labour industry has allowed both persons to support their education and creative practices. Consequently, as inquisitive individuals both utilize creative mediums to reconcile the inherent conflicts, inconsistencies and conundrums of this manifold territory.

* falsework, an industry term identified as any temporary structure or article used to support a permanent structure while it is not self-supporting. This also includes structures or articles which provide for a safe working environment within the permanent structure’s immediate vicinity.