Vincent Tao is a labour union organizer, housing activist, and educator of social movement history and practice.

Previously, Tao was the Education Librarian of 221A, where he stewarded the transformation of the institution’s exhibition space as Pollyanna 圖書館 Library, a hybrid archive and public programming infrastructure. During his tenure, Tao developed 221A’s transdisciplinary research projects, free-to-attend educational programs, and community solidarity initiatives.

Tao’s significant collaborative projects at 221A were organized through his research program Notes on Permanent Education (N.O.P.E.)Rereading Room: The Vancouver Women’s Bookstore (2016) with Alexandra Bischoff; Pollyanna Sound Archive Prototype 01 (2017) with Yu Su; The Woodwards Amateur-Historical Society / W.W.A.S. (2017) and BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS: FORUM ON ART AND DEVELOPER MONEY (2018) with Josh Gabert-Doyon, Brit Bachmann, Gabi Dao, and Byron Peters; Science Fiction and the Other (2018) with Juli Majer; and Comix for Community Solidarity (2018) with William Dereume, Ali Bosley, Jack Lloyd, and Andrea Lukic.

Last updated: July 2019