Board of Directors, 2023 – 26

Tamara Goddard, from the respected Saulteau Nation, passionately believes that everyone deserves access to clean water, safe housing, and reliable power. Inspired by a vision at 19, Tamara pursued education and research focused on a new economic model based on natural law and nature’s growth patterns. As the driving force behind Four Our Future, Tamara led multiple national papers highlighting blockchain and web3 technology’s potential to create fair wealth and resource distribution. She also developed 400 Drums, a project showcasing web3 technology’s power to break down socio-economic barriers. A proud graduate of Simon Fraser University, Tamara earned her MBA in Indigenous Leadership and Business. She has carried out extensive research to create and implement economic strategies, financial tools, and partnerships between First Nations, Indigenous organizations, Crown Corporations, Government, and Industry. Through these efforts, Tamara aims to incorporate the Indigenous Economic perspective into the Canadian framework, paving the way for meaningful reconciliation.

Last updated: October 2023