Nouveau Peony, Oliver Husain, (2015)

Architecture by Artists is an accumulative exhibition in three parts exploring the points of contact and confluences between people, objects and the spaces they occupy. As a composition of three process-oriented exhibition-residencies, interdisciplinary artist Hannah Heilmann (Denmark), filmmaker and installation artist Oliver Husain (Germany/Canada), and performance and dance duo Gerard & Kelly (USA) will create propositions which, through their intricate and diverse points of interaction, hypothesize a hybrid architecture representing the social and structural fabric of the urban environment in some of its pluralities.

The artists will work together to build a broad and ephemeral definition of Architecture. The exhibition will encompass architectures composed by the organization of people in space; architectures that co-compose with imperceptible territories; and architectures which are expressed through process and senses, such as smell, ephemera and movement. The word ‘Architecture’ becomes a prompt, an organizational principle, a system, or point of departure.

Heilmann will debut Estrous.Life, a work that addresses the ongoing apocalyptic body-landscape through a ‘Pop-Up Soap Shop’; Husain will develop Mondo Pale Grey, a new site-specific video and performance about the potential of ‘failure’ in sculptural objects and video; and Gerard & Kelly will use architectural drawings to develop a performative ‘score’ for living.

Architecture by Artists is curated by interdisciplinary artist Matthew-Robin Nye (Montréal) through the Curatorial Residency program at 221A.