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November 3, 2022


9:00 AM–11:00 AM PDT




Video Conference

Join 221A and Center for Spatial Technologies (CST) founder and lead Maksym Rokmaniko on November 3rd, 9am PDT, for a livestream celebrating the public launch of an interactive housing accessibility dashboard and heatmap for the city of Vancouver. Since 2020, the Center for Spatial Technologies has been enrolled in 221A’s Fellowship program to develop its DOMA project, which is building property mapping and sharing technologies to help create equitable access to housing. Founded in Kyiv, Ukraine, the CST is composed of researchers and educators with backgrounds in architecture and data who now work all across Europe. The housing access dashboard documents the cost of access for renters and owners from 2006 until 2021 and invites users to map their access to property as their income has changed over the years. The heatmap visualizes the rise in property costs across the city, revealing hotspots and allowing users to see the reterritorialization of Vancouver via its property values and rent costs, which have well overshot local incomes during this +15-year period. We’ll be demonstrating how to use the dashboard, speaking with Maksym about its development, and learning more about the ongoing work of the CST. You can see more information about Fellowship research here.  Stay tuned to our Twitter and Instagram feeds to be updated the moment the dashboard goes live.


  • Maksym Rokmaniko is an architect, designer, and entrepreneur. His research and design work explores new forms of urban living enabled by emerging technologies. He is the founder of the architectural practice Anarchitects (Kiev), a partner at The Center for Spatial Technologies (Kiev) and the project lead at DOMA (Paris/Kiev), a networked-ownership housing platform for the token economy.