221A Welcomes UBC Sustainability Scholar, Charles Pan

October 28, 2020

221A welcomes University of British Columbia Sustainability Scholar, Charles Pan, from October 2020 through to March 2021, who will work as part of the DOMA Fellowship team, collecting data, arranging consultations, and synthesizing research materials relating to Vancouver’s housing crisis. The Sustainability Scholars Program is managed by the UBC Sustainability Initiative, providing qualified graduate students the opportunity to work on a range of sustainability topics such as climate adaptation, local food, green procurement, sustainable transportation, zero waste, GHG emissions reduction, housing, green buildings, biodiversity, and wellbeing. Participation in the program provides UBC graduate students with a unique educational experience working on real-world sustainability problems. Students benefit from the opportunity to work with a mentor and apply their academic program knowledge and research skills in ways that contribute to advancing the partner organization’s sustainability goals. 

Charles Pan is a second-year student in the Master of Community and Regional Planning program at UBC with a focus on economics and housing. He has policy and data experience in economic development, housing, transportation, and education from working in the federal government, at UBC, and in the non-profit sector. Charles holds a BA (Hon.) in Geography, as part of which he studied housing prices in Sydney, Australia. He is interested in using evidence and creative solutions to improve the economic and social well-being of cities. In his free time Charles enjoys building cities in virtual worlds.