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10-Year Anniversary Fundraiser

10 Years of 221A
Help us in our next chapter!

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+1 604 568 0812

Dear Supporter,

It’s already been 10 years since we started. Help us in our next chapter as we support the production of new contemporary art, achieving meaningful public dialogue on design and its social effect. We are not interested in living forever, but we are curious about our future possibilities. Can 221A refocus society towards social and environmental justice? Might we be able to intervene in the built environment through non-normative ways of living? How do we partner with social housing organizations and reconsider planning processes? What are future methodologies for cultivating knowledge, publishing and supporting in-depth research on the way that design shapes our society?

Your gift towards our $800/month goal will achieve the organization’s fundraising goal of $20,000 per year in private donations, stabilizing our capacity to produce projects and support artists.

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All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt annually.