Operating Fund

Living Wages

In 2017, 221a recognized that the cultural sector is notorious for underpaying cultural workers and implemented policy to ensure all workers are paid at living wage standards. In 2018, 221A received a certification from Living Wages for Families campaign. Living Wage Employers are responsible employers who care about their employees and community. Your donation will enable us to continue to ensure that cultural sector staff are paid fairly for their labour!


Auditing, Accounting and Banking fees

Each year, 221A is required by funding bodies to conduct an annual audit. As the Society has grown over the years, the audit continues to be an important part of ensuring financial transparency. However, the costs have continued to increase, with the Society being billed a total of $31,252 on accounting, banking transactions and our audit in 2017. Donate to the Operating Fund to help augment these (less attractive but) important expenses!