Brian McBay is an artist based in Vancouver, Canada. In 2005 he co-founded 221A, a non-profit organization that explores the role of design in the shaping of society, where he has been the Executive Director since 2009. During his tenure, 221A has become known for responding to historically low funding conditions in the arts by accessing government capital funds to develop multi-tenant artist facilities that generate revenue towards its programming initiatives. Under his direction, the society continues to present an experimental and wide-ranging art program with artists, designers and curators such as Julian Hou, Joji Fukushima, Kalli Niedoba, Ron Tran, Michelle Fu, Sung Pil Yoon, Jesse McKee, Vincent Tao, Stephan Wright and Steff Ling while also working on utopian ambitions of restructuring economic contexts towards artistic self-determination. In 2015, he founded 221A’s outdoor site Semi-Public, a 10-year program of contemporary art in an empty lot in Chinatown, where he curated the inaugural project Vancouver Especially by artist Ken Lum.

Last updated: April 2017